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Using WordPress and the Divi Theme, we can meet the needs of any budget.


More About SEO

Affordable Plans

We start with just the basics 1-3 page site. This will get your website up and running fast. We will need your text copy and images for this site. The Divi theme will be added to your host provider and you can then pick from any Divi layout you would like using the button below. Remember this is a starting point, however this will get you a site out of the box this plan is for someone that knows a little bit about websites or WordPress and is willing to learn more.

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Web Designer Pricing

We do offer a full-service plan where we do the work for you. When it comes to the copy and image we like to use your image and text copy as often as we can as we fill this is the best way to get your message out to your clients. After all, no one knows your Dream customer as you do. That being said we can do all text copy and images if you don’t have the time or resources. Keeping in mind that your feedback on your project will go a long way in helping us get the right message out to your clients.

Affordable WordPress SEO

We use highly rated analytics for SEO coupled with customized SEO Plugins for WordPress. These integrate right into the Divi theme seamlessly making SEO extremely responsive. We have two tiers of SEO, basic and advanced depending on the needs of your business. Even with the basic plan, you can get started by Ranking your site higher on the web and driving more traffic to it. Depending on what your needs are, SEO is often included in the Price of your Website. Basic SEO starts at $100.00.



Advance SEO for your more in-depth traffic tracking and keywords.

With the advanced SEO what you get is so much more. You’ll get more optimized Keywords and we will link your site with google analytics search console, so you can see what happing in real-time as it’s happening. We also make all this available to view on your WordPress dashboard for ease of access to you. For more about SEO please contact us we would love to help you with your SEO needs.

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